Sunday, October 13, 2013

I Am Still In Genesis-The Truth

I am still in Genesis!  Genesis is a place to know where it all began and also the place to see everything branch out from that garden of Eden. The first few chapters, in my case chapters 1-8 is a study on it's own. The places, names and the writing styles, sets a solid foundation for the story of God to be told over a host of generations. I would encourage anyone to sit down one evening and write out Genesis chapter 5, make three columns beginning with the life span until the birth of the first son, then the life span while having other sons and daughters and the last column being the life span until death. A lot of people may motion towards this being some numerology scheme, but  I recognized that the center column being the 2nd column, represents life all throughout the generations from Seth to Noah. A line of people chosen by God to carry out his spirit and then branch out even more after the flood and through the seed of Noah sons. I know that this seed continues throughout the Torah, the first 5 books of Moses and continue into the writings, which Christians identified as the Old Testament. If you have not already came to this question, here it is: what happen to that "line" that was created by God through Noah? Yes, the obvious answer for Christians would be Jesus Christ. However, we forget there is a gap between Jewish writing versus Greek and the Christians writers. Jesus is Jewish and so was his apostles. He commanded his own followers to stay put, whom he put Paul in charge to continue his story. This is a mystery, it's not about the story, but how the writing style has change from the Torah and Jewish writings to the Old and New Testament texts. This puzzlement carries through the arrangement of books in the Bible, whether we read from right to left, down and up, or the resources that we find in the commentaries and cross references.   There is a language that is well hidden beneath the writing of the Torah and it's not a foreign language. This language is one that was set by God and only the truth will decode it's meaning. In the meantime, I continue on my journey and I am beginning to see that God, is leading me through the valley of truth.

Reflection: Genesis chapters 1-8

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