Thursday, April 24, 2014


I just recently had the pleasure of receiving my spring cold. The day that Jesus Christ was led away from his disciples to be judge by the pharisees, I watched a co-worker be led away in handcuffs for stealing. The day of the passion of Christ, I received this gift of illness. The day of the risen Lord, I rose slowly, but I rose. For me the realization of the Passion of Christ is that, we are all equal. Regardless of who we are, our circumstances, our life choices...we are the same. Life is a sneeze and with each sneeze there is a message to behold. It's time to really sit down and re-evaluate our life, not what we think we can accomplish, but how we implement the words of God into our own life journey. To sit and be still and read the Bible, not just look at it. The passages is to lead us through a passage towards God harmony. God is merciful, he gives each one of us a piece of clay and see what we can create. It's our piece of life, our own life and the beauty is that, if we mess up, we can return the clay back to it original without form self and start over again. If it took God three times to recreate our world, God knows our piece of the world will take an eternity. Relax, and get to know our God, a word at a time.

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