Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Genesis 1:1 God Turned Water to Wine

Good Morning!  I know you are wondering why I quoted a verse that is not in Genesis or is it? Actually the first scripture in Genesis reads "In the beginning, the spirit of God hover over the face of the earth." The earth was void and then the passage leads us into the journey of the creation story. Later on in the New Testament, the wedding at Cana, we hear the story about Jesus turning water into wine,(John 1:9). In John 19:34, "but one soldier thrust his lance into his side, and immediately blood and water flowed out.  There are these unique systems here that God is trying to communicate to us, the tidal wave that God rescues Israel from the jaws of Egypt, the crossing at the Jordan, the fishers at Galilee, the stone jars being filled with water, the samaritan woman at the well, the breaking of the bread and the resurrection of Christ. We are giving a time frame where God and man is one from the beginning of time and still continuing through our existence, why? 

Let's look at our own creation story, I live in the heart of Seattle downtown and there is constant building going on throughout the city, it's a city of continuing growth, that started out just a small  mustard seed surrounded by water and wilderness. We have actually design a system that structure is taller than the human life, tall high rises, corporations, man made villas, lakes, mountains and rockets, space crafts, technology that reflects our own images. However, we have not design a blueprint to sustained life, for me and you. After the many warnings of global warming, we don't stop and rip our garments and beat our breast, we just keep thrusting that soldier spear into our sides and dying to the will of God.We have forgotten about us, the important of breathing in fresh air, appreciate what has already been given to us for free and at no charge. We have built structures that has suffocated and buried the natural soil for the price of profit and a ground that is not solid for our own welfare. We have settle for overprice organic products and gadgets that gives us temporary happiness until the next wave of must haves, signals our brain and we drop nature and run after the sign that reads detour.  Stop right here in our own tracks! This is not our life, we are traveling back into the time of void and only destruction is a choice that is irreversible. Choose to live a natural life and lets breathe life and drink water together. 

You don't have to be religious, the different religions of the world was to house that essence of God and I have to say in some case, we went too far and lost our way to God's will. I am being honest, one of being religious and seeking the face of God. However, God has out grown the man made temples, as well as his people. We are now back from where we started, at the beginning of time, as one people here on earth, regardless of ones belief system. We are treading on deep waters, only to be consume in our own selfies. A journey for the people need to be planned and to embark on this journey to a new land. For the lord of host goes before us and your rear guard is the God of Israel, (Isaiah 52:12). The choice is now, because we have already came around full circle, created from the beginning of time. Together, we must give the steering wheel over to God, so that he may lead us to the new land, our new Jerusalem. No longer the walls that suppressed us, but through the living waters of Christ, that will flow into eternity. 

Read, Reflect, Meditate and Listen: The books of Genesis and John. For those of you new to scripture text, Genesis is in the Old Testament and John is in the New Testament, but begins with "In the beginning".


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